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Your source for premium latex and nitrile gloves, and air purifier bags with activated charcoal. 

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White Latex Gloves

Powered with Organic Latex, Multipurpose Hand Gloves. White Color and Available in All Size.

Green Nitrile Gloves

Made Without Latex, Powder Free. Multipurpose, Availabe in All size.

Blue Nitrile Gloves

Made Without Latex, Powder Free. Multipurpose, Availabe in All size.

Black Nitrile Gloves

Made Without Latex, Powder Free. Multipurpose, Availabe in All size.

Latex Gloves Pack of 100
Latex Powdered Examination Disposable Hand Gloves

Latex Gloves

  • Superior Protection: Our ANEMOI Latex Gloves provide a reliable barrier against contaminants, ensuring safety and hygiene in various environments.
  • Comfortable Fit: Designed with ergonomics in mind, these gloves offer a snug yet comfortable fit for extended wear, enhancing dexterity and performance.
  • Enhanced Grip: The textured surface of our latex gloves enhances grip, facilitating precise handling of objects and minimizing slippage.





Nitrile Hand Gloves

  • Exceptional Durability: ANEMOI Nitrile Gloves are engineered for durability, providing reliable protection against punctures, tears, and chemicals.
  • Allergen-Free: Made from latex-free material, these gloves are an ideal choice for individuals with latex allergies, ensuring safe and comfortable usage.
  • Enhanced Sensitivity: Featuring a thin yet strong construction, our nitrile gloves offer enhanced tactile sensitivity, enabling precise handling in various tasks.







Happy Customers & Buyers

“I work in a laboratory setting where protection and precision are paramount. These ANEMOI Nitrile Gloves have been a game-changer for me. They fit snugly without feeling restrictive, and the enhanced sensitivity allows me to handle delicate instruments with ease. Plus, the durability is impressive—I haven’t experienced any tears or punctures even during demanding tasks. Highly recommend these gloves for anyone in need of reliable hand protection.”

“As a healthcare professional, I’ve tried numerous brands of gloves, but ANEMOI Latex Gloves stand out for their quality and comfort. The fit is perfect, providing a secure barrier against contaminants without sacrificing dexterity. I appreciate the textured surface, which gives me confidence in handling medical instruments securely. These gloves have become my go-to choice for everyday use in the clinic. Couldn’t be happier with my purchase!”

“I suffer from latex allergies, so finding suitable gloves for household chores has always been a challenge—until I discovered ANEMOI Nitrile Gloves. These gloves are a lifesaver! Not only are they latex-free, but they also offer excellent protection and sensitivity. I can confidently handle cleaning agents and perform tasks without worrying about allergic reactions. The durability is impressive too—I’ve used a single pair for multiple cleaning sessions without any signs of wear. Finally, a reliable solution for latex-sensitive individuals like myself. Thank you, ANEMOI!”